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About Us

We provide tasting chances to people

About Us

LUNCHiD is a Food-tech startup company. We have partnerships with famous restaurants in NYC for introducing the restaurants to New Yorkers.

Once you become our member, you can enjoy many different kinds of dishes at discounted price from our partner restaurants. Don’t hesitate to be our member! After becoming partners with us, we promote them on our website and social media such as Facebook and Instagram by creating contents with pictures and VR from our professional photographer.

In this process, we don’t require restaurants to pay for this service. Instead, we ask restaurants to promise to provide discounted dishes kindly when our members visit there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an effective advertising platform for the NYC restaurants and provide delicious and informative experience to our members.

In order to achieve our mission, we offer a digital voucher service to let our members enjoy discounted dishes at LUNCHiD's partner restaurants. They can visit each restaurant once a month. Members can check out LUNCHiD's partner restaurants based on location and look around restaurants inside through Virtual Reality on our website.

We are meeting many owners of restaurants in NYC to make food contents telling their stories. So, don’t miss our creative contents and come to be our social media follower!